Educational Programs

This year the Peoria Academy of Science Geology Section is offering 19 different earth science programs for grades K-8. Programs are hands-on and are specifically created to meet Next Generation Science Standards in the areas of ESS1 (Earth’s Place in the Universe), ESS2 (Earth Systems), and ESS3 (Earth & Human Activity).

While we have developed activities for the standards at each grade level, we are glad to customize presentations or come up with something new to meet your class’s needs!

Earth Systems
K-ESS2-2 – The Changing Environment
2-ESS2-1 – Water Erosion
3-ESS2-1 – Weather to Climate
4-ESS2-1 – The Effects of Weathering
5-ESS2-1 – Ecosystem Interactions
MS-ESS2-1 – Cycling Earth Materials
MS-ESS2-6 – Air and Water Circulation

Earth & Human Activity
K-ESS3-3 – Reducing Human Impact
3-ESS3-1 – Engineering Weather Protection
4-ESS3-1 – Evaluating Natural Fuels
5-ESS3-1 – Protecting the Environment
MS-ESS3-1 – Geologic Resource Distribution
MS-ESS3-3 – Monitoring Human Impact

Earth’s Place in the Universe
1-ESS1-1 – Patterns in the Sun, Moon, and Stars
2-ESS1-1 – Evidence of Earthen Change
4-ESS1-1 – Fossils & Geologic Time
5-ESS1-1 – Measuring Starlight
MS-ESS1-1 – Patterns in Sun, Moon, and Seasons
MS-ESS1-4 – Organizing Earth’s 4.6 Billion-Year History

Programs will be led by Matthew Hagaman, a geology professor and Master Naturalist. To set up a presentation, please complete the form below so we can discuss topics and schedule a time.